Ancient Coin Wish List


My ancient coin budget has shrunk considerably. Feel free to contact me to check my hobby budget's temperature, but for now, price is the single most significant object.  I have the proverbial "champagne taste on a beer budget".  But I'm very much "portrait oriented".  If you have a coin with a nice artistic portrait that is otherwise defective that you'd be willing to part with inexpensively, I may be your guy.

For portrait coins (various Roman, Parthian, Seleukid coins), I collect "portraits" more than coins. My focus is more on the quality of the portrait rather than the legend. I look for that elusive quality called "artistry", though it's impossible to define.  In order to stay within my rather tight budget, I'm often willing to consider coins with nice appealing portraits that are otherwise defective.

For my Judaean coins, I'm actively seeking only one coin:  A Hadrian-as-founder Aelia Capitolina coin (Hendin 810).  I'd adore some nice Bar Kochba silver, but that's way out of my current price range!  I'd also be interested in portraits of the Judaean rulers under Rome who minted such coins (such as Herod Agrippa I).

Roman Emperors

  • Galba budget coin with nice portrait
  • Pupienus antoninianus (one of the varieties featuring clasping hands), again emphasis on budget.

Judaean Coins

  • Hadrian-as-Founder Aelia Capitolina coin (Hendin 810)
  • Portrait coins of Judaean rulers (such as Herod Agrippa I)

(The underlined coins are the ones I'm especially interested in -- I am willing to consider higher priced (relatively speaking ...) coins for them)

If you have any coins from this list, please E-mail me at (This address will change whenever the SPAM level gets too high, so check back here for a new address if it stops working)

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