Kentucky Artists KM250S Mandolin

Now THIS is starting to get good ...

So then Clarinda (aka "safetywoman67") mentions that she got this nice Kentucky Artists KM250S, normally a $250+ instrument, but it got dinged in transit, so she'd be willing to let it go cheap ... And at last, I have a real mandolin!  (NOTE:  I've never played a really *GOOD* instrument, so take this with a grain of salt) 

Well, talk about your upgrades ...

My final (at least for now) mandolin doesn't really qualify as a "cheapie".  After I won the Rover RM-25 (a true cheapie) from her, Clarinda (aka safetywoman67) mentioned she got a significantly nicer instrument that had gotten a few minor dings in transit so she'd sell it for a considerable discount, and she'd let me out of buying the Rover.

Well, she was too nice to say she thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to buy BOTH of them, but I had to have my cheapie, since that was what this whole game was about.  Anyway, she charged $97, plus I got a nice hard case for $53.

When it arrived, I went looking for the nicks, and couldn't find them.  Not wanting to take advantage of someone who had been so good to me, I contacted her and asked if she'd accidentally sent an undamaged instrument.  At this point, she let me know that it had been intentional.  Apparently, a customer had come into her brick&mortar store wanting a Kentycky 250S, and he couldn't wait.  Since the scratched one was the only one she had at that moment, and she'd already agreed to sell it to me, she informed him she couldn't give him a discount.  He was fine with that, so he took the damaged one for full price, and I got one in perfect condition a few days later for nearly 2/3 off!

I must say, the huge step up in playability and tone quality for this one from the cheapies really makes it a pleasure to play.

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