"Infinity" (aka "Bestler") Mandolin

OK, at least it LOOKS like a real mandolin ...
Well, it LOOKS like a real mandolin.  Guess I'll have to give it a try ...
'Course, they say you should go hunting for reviews BEFORE you buy, but where's the sport in that?  

Much better luck with my second mandolin, but still some "issues"

This is another example (like the Snowking) of why you always check the shipping cost before you bid.  I did so, and thus I wasn't shocked to learn I'd be paying MORE for shipping & handling ($22.98) than for the instrument itself ($20.50).  Even if you add the 7.75% California sales tax, the total is $22.09, so S&H still beats it out.  (Grand total: $45.07)  But it was clearly stated in the auction, so I'm not complaining.

Except for having to adjust the bridge position for it to play in tune at higher finger positions, this isn't a bad instrument for the price.  It actually plays, even if the sound is a bit "boxy" and the action quite stiff.  Unlike the Snowking, where it would be too expensive if you got it for free, it is playable.

But you definitely need to qualify it with "... for the price".  After bidding, I found some horrible reviews of Bestler/Infinity mandolins, but they were basically, "I was expecting the quality of a $400 instrument for my $40, so I was reeeeeally disappointed!"

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