Pinkie Position
DISCLAIMER:  I'm still fairly novice, so my technique is far from perfect.

However, a person on a violin discussion group had a question about "pinkie position" that led me to take four pix of my own hand with the pinkie down on the A string, two in what I believe to be a fairly correct position and two which I know to be placed incorrectly.

Please feel free to criticize what you see.  I adore free advice!

Pinkie Pix -- Player's Eye View

In all of these pix, I am attempting to play a "D" note on the "A" string using my fourth finger.  I held the camera up close to my eye to show approximately what it looks like to me.

I believe this is about right.  The pinkie is a bit flatter than the other three, but still somewhat arched.

This may be a bit better arched, or it might just be the slightly different camera angle.

This one is bad because I've collapsed my pinkie finger joint.  But the other three are  fairly well arched, and the wrist is still straight.

THIS ONE IS VERY VERY BAD!!  I've folded my wrist under the violin neck and collapsed ALL FOUR fingers.

I have a thick skin.  If any violin teachers want to criticize my style, I always appreciate good advice.


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