Keeping it Handy
Being an extremely busy fellow, I have trouble finding time to practice.

I found that the effort of digging the violin case out of the closet, pulling out the instrument, setting up the shoulder rest, and tightening the bow was often an insurmountable obstacle to practicing.

The best solution I found was to always keep the instrument set up, ready to play, and somewhere that I can't just forget about it.  That way, all I have to do is to pick it up, tighten the bow hair, and start playing.  But how to keep it out of trouble, especially when you have pets and kids running about the house ... ?

SOLUTION:  Wall Hangers
Wall-mounted hangers keep my instruments handy, and very visible.  

(Be sure to hang where they won't get direct sunlight!)

I went down to my local music store and ordered these wall-mounted hangers.  Very easy to install with your basic drywall anchors, I put them in my bedroom near the bathroom so that I pass by them a lot.  I also keep my music set up on a stand nearby.  When I have a spare five minutes, I just pop the violin off the wall (shoulder rest already in place), tighten the bow hairs, and I'm off and playing!

And the best thing is, they're up where they are safe from dogs and kids, and I know that they won't get direct sunlight because I carefully picked the location to avoid this.  (The apparent sunlight in the picture is merely the lamp I used to illuminate the scene for the picture)


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