The eBay Super-Bargain Violin

A working  violin, including bow, case, rosin, and two extra strings, for just $54.50, delivered!
  A great violin?  For this price??  Oh, c'mon!!  But a surprisingly adequate instrument, nonetheless.  Here's my story ...

It all started with a question posted to a violin discussion group.

A member had bought an inexpensive violin on eBay, but couldn't get any sound from it.  Several posts later, I stumbled upon the answer:  The instrument had been shipped with the bridge down and no set-up instructions.  This was the buyer's first violin, and so she didn't know what the bridge was for. To her, it was just a flat piece of unfinished wood with no apparent purpose.  After we explained it and she set it up, she got sound from the instrument, but the last I heard, she'd broken a string, so she still didn't have a playable instrument.

caught my attention that she had gotten a brand new full-sized violin setup for about $50.00 total, including shipping.  What kinda piece of junk violin can you get for $50.00, total, I wondered.  The seller (edmwholesalers) still had 60 or so left, listed among his $2.50 paint spray guns, $20.00 crossbows, $3.50 cat scratching posts, and $1.00 hammer drills, and and so I went for it.

It was a "Buy It Now" sale.  Final price:  $34.50 for the violin, $17.50 for shipping, and $2.50 for mandatory insurance.  Grand total,  $54.50 delivered.  Believe me, for this price, my expectations couldn't have been much lower.

By the way, last time I checked, edmwholesalers had just one left.  But don't worry.  Seller "grace-delivered-inc" had a bunch of the exact same setup for about the same price.  I'm sure someone will have something similar when you get there, so no need to rush ...

PLEASE NOTE:  I am NOT endorsing any particular seller of cheap violins on eBay.  I had no complaints about edmwholesalers, but neither was there anything special to recommend them.  I have done no business with the other seller I mentioned; merely an example of someone selling the same thing I'd bought.  Both have feedback that's adequate, but not stellar.

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