Hi, I'm Rachel

Nice to meet you,

Would you like to hear about me?



I'm a girl of many interests... I guess you know that from the front page.

Here are some of my obsessions:


        BELLY DANCING: I may not have the perfect figure for it, but I do a mean belly roll.


         OTHER DANCING: I'm not in any dance classes at the present, but one of my directors is really into me going into ballet to improve my belly dancing... I would like to learn Jazz.


        HUMAN ANATOMY: Ever since the second grade, I have been learning about the human anatomy. I stumbled upon it from the H encyclopedia inside the classroom, looking at the clear overlays... I wanted to look see what it was... I thought it very... interesting (and yes, I do have a sick, sick mind).


        SCHOOL: School... what is there to say about school... I LOVE school, my favorite subject is History. BHMS ROCKS!!!!!


        HOME ARTS: Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting, Cooking, Lace Making, and other home arts are my thing! I went to Conjecture 3 and got audience choice award (a HUGE box of different fabrics)!


        DRAMA: Patio Playhouse is the theater I've been working in. I wish to also work in places like starlight amphitheater or moonlight amphitheater.




        MUSAC: I LOVE GREEN DAY!!! They are one of my favorite bands! I also enjoy.... Black Eyed Peas, Weezer, other Rock music, Shania Twain, other country, Irish Folk music, and many other widespread music groups.


        Web comics: I'm into 9thElswhere comics ( http://www.9thelsewhere.com/ ) and nuklearpower comics ( http://www.nuklearpower.com/ ) so, if there are any web comics that I should know about, contact me (see bottom of page for details) and tell me what it is. 


Now that you know about me, let me hear about you,

email me at: happyess11@yahoo.com

I won't be offended if you just say "you're weird"

(be sure to put webpage comments or something like that in the "subject" (not just hi) so you don't get put in the spam box)


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