My Writings

Hi there! Dave Garstang again! Here's where I share with you a few bits and pieces of my writings. I'm not very prolific as a writer, yet that little nagging voice keeps telling me that I must do it. So far, I haven't gotten that sincerest form of flattery (money!) for my writing, but then, I haven't completed very many, and the number I've sent in is even smaller.

So, on to the writings!



 Why I Write -- A short essay about the defining moment for me as a writer.


The copyright issues about items "published" on the Internet is still a gray area. For those items I still have hopes of getting published some day, therefore, I must be a bit "cagey". If you are interested in reading some of my works to provide me with critique, feel free to E-mail me at for more information.

 The Boatman -- So who is this Charon fellow anyway, and what's he doing floating four feet above my front lawn? A very short story, inspired by Alan Parsons and Bill Gates. (I mean, honestly, how many of you read the Microsoft license agreement before clicking "OK" ... ?)

 Wizards of Aaralin -- "Any sufficiently advanced technology …" Clarke said it best, but it bears repeating. Here's the prologue and a brief summary of my novel-in-progress.


 I Went Down -- Inspired by and dedicated to my Web friend, Skeleton. May his search for meaning bring good things to the world, and to him.

 Little Heartbeat -- One of the defining moments in my journey toward becoming a dad occurred early in my wife's first pregnancy, when a nurse helped me to hear the heartbeat of our developing child for the first time. Sure, it's sappy, but hey, that's how I was feeling.


 Grimmies in the Closet -- Hey, what's eating you?? Written for my wonderful daughter, Jennifer, when she was six.

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