Coin Photography
Modern Proof Coins


Modern silver "Proof" coins impose special challenges. The fields are shiny silver, polished to a mirror-like smoothness. The problem with this is how to show this without losing the quality of the frosted devices. I experimented with light placement The following three include two from Tunisia that feature ancient Roman ruins, and one U.S. commemorative silver dollar featuring Thomas Jefferson.

Tunisia 1969 Proof Commemoratives
These two coins feature the ruins of the Roman arena at El Djem, built in the early 200's, and the arch at Sbeitla.

U.S. 1993 Thomas Jefferson Commemorative
This U.S. silver "proof" dollar is the same size as the two Tunisian coins shown above. Note again the placement of the light to show the mirror-like fields. I left the image larger and did not "sharpen" it as I did with the two Tunisian coins.

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