Gift of Love

When looking for a uniquely appropriate wedding or anniversary gift, the ancient coin collector need look no farther than the legendary love between Antoninus Pius and his wife, Faustina. Coins of each are plentiful and not too outrageously expensive, and the famous quote of his is a beautiful expression of love.

Some dear friends recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, so it seemed even more appropriate -- after all, it was their "silver" anniversary. We located a lovely pair of silver coins from Thom Bray, and I set to work designing a plaque in which to mount them. I was rather pleased at how it came out:

CLICK for larger image

The basics: The coins are enclosed in clear hard plastic covers intended for small U.S. coins. They are too thick for the covers to close tightly, but it's close enough. I bought a small unfinished wooden plaque from a craft store and stained it. I then printed up the write-up on "parchment" paper, laminated it with clear contact paper (otherwise the ink would run when I glued it to the plauqe), cut it to size, then used "Modge Podge" to glue the paper to the wood, then brushed it over the whole surface to give a finish to the plaque and paper.

I drilled holes using a 1-1/4" Forstner Bit and cut circles of green felt slightly larger than the holes. The felt holds the coins tightly when you press them into the holes, and you can pop them out to examine the reverse simply by grasping the felt and gently pulling upward on it to pop the coin loose.

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